YZ426 engine blowing problems?

those of you who have the yz426. how would you say it compares to a 2stroke? if it compares at all, with like handling, Jumping doubles and tripples. and with acceleration in turns and with taking off. give me what information you guys can. thanks for all the help im pretty sure im gonna buy this bike. i just want to know that it can do basically everything a 2stroke can.

Reed, you need to ride one before buying. It will do everything as well or better than a 250 two stroke, especially jumping. But, it does it differently, and it weighs more.


Coming from a guy that rode 2 strokes for 20 years, the four stroke does everything as well or better in some cases. But remember, the 4 strokes fly a little different than 2 strokes, just as a BMX bike flies different than a Schwinn stingray. Ok, maybe not the best anology, but you get the idea. The four will instill a new sense of confidence when jumping it. It requires less concentration, since it seems to be a more stable machine when launching. As far as acceleration, turning, ect... the four has it all over the 2 if you can adjust to the weight. It's a finess machine and will hook up like no one's biz if ridden right. I get through turns so much faster on the four stroke, it's just a user friendly thing. You should definitely try one first though. The engine breaking, flying the friendly skies, arm wrenching power, and a little added weight. All of these are considerations. Good luck. Cheers.

ive ridden a yz400 and ive been riding 2 strokes for awhile. i didnt get to do much on the 400 when i got to ride it thats why i was asking. but it seemed to handle really well.


A couple things..

1. Being on a YZ426 chat room, and selecting a username including "YZ426" it is obvious that you are asking more to be talked OUT of the bike, as opposed to talked INTO the bike.

2. All makes and models have their benefits and reliability problems. If I was to chose a manufacturer and a bike based solely on maintainence cost and risk of major problems I would not select any of the bikes you are mentioning. 99% of the YZs are solid, don't worry.

3. I too just went the same scenario that you are in right now. However, when it came down to it, I realized that the YZ426 was so good that 100% of the people had at least thought enough about it to have an opinion.I n other words, it is so good almost everyone has either thought about buying one, is buying one, or has already bought one. You can't say that about any other bike on the market. Everyone says to themselves, "Hmmm..should I get the YZ fourstrokers or something else?".

4. We are talking about $6,000 right? Let me ask you is there any other bike on the market you think will depreciate less than the two YZ fourstrokers on the market right now? I think not. With that in mind, regardless how much you like the bike or not, your money is safest in a YZ.

5. Handling? Steering? Simply put,it does everything very very well. You will not be disappointed.

6. Do not have Analysis - Paralysis. Simply grab your check book and start riding. Spend your time and effort riding not wondering what bike to get and get the YZ.

lol, Thanks StrayCat thats exactly the push i needed, and was looking for.

lol, Thanks StrayCat thats exactly the push i needed, and was looking for.

i think it should be a law in these newsgroups that before you answer a question like reed's, that you give up a little background info on yourself. why? because 1 hour of time on this guy's yz426 is not the same as 1 hour on that other dude's yz426. different folks, different riding styles. different riders, different speeds. different mechanics, different issues. that said, here's my answer:

i'm on my 3rd yzf. i currently own a '99 yz400 and an '00 426. the '99 gets raced in the 4 strk. expert class in cross country events here in texas, and the 426 is for +30 intermediate moto-action. i hit 30 races last year, shared between a '98 yz400 (off-road), and the same '99 i now race off-road on. i've been riding and racing for 20 years, and i was on kx250's before i found the pure joy of the yzf. i do all my own work, from building wheels to splitting cases.

my '98 had 180 hours when i sold it, and i had just put it's 3rd piston in. i never had motor issues to speak of. i got more pounds of fun per dollar out of that machine than any other i have ever known or owned. it truly was bulletproof.

my '99 was great until the start of this cross country season. at about 60 hours, the motor let go. the gear on the intake cam spun on the shaft, throwing it out of time. while i was into the motor, i found that my big end rod bearing was about to go, so i replaced the entire crank assembly and put in a new piston. why did all this happen to such a young and relatively unabused scooter? who knows, but after 20 years of experience, i just accept it. i totalled the bottom end on my kx250 not long before i got on the yzfs. this latest catastrophe makes 4 motor failures in my lifetime, which i figure is acceptable. it happens, especially if you turn and burn a whole bunch.

i love my 426 the way i loved my first yz400. it's such an improvement to an already wonderful machine that sometimes i can't believe it. in spite of some of the things i don't like on these bikes- grabby clutch, rear brake reservoir too close to the pipe...and mounted to the subframe, funky method of attaching the front axle, not enough room to get a normal socket and torque wrench onto the middle bolts on the intake cam cap...to name a few- i totally respect the engineering in this product. oh, by the way, i am a mechanical engineer, and i work in product development.

should you buy a yzf? absolutely. it's a revolutionary product, and it will make you very happy. will it be perfect right out of the box? no motorcycle is.

have fun and good luck!


will pattison

racer, engineer


There is nothing that makes me happier tha ntinking about my 426. I am only 15, and just got my 426 this weekend, after selling my 1983 CR250. And i am really pleased with this bike. for me, weighing in at 145lbs, this bike has no limits in power and is the funnest thing ive ever ridden. I used to own a yz80 before my cr250, and my CR i got when i was 13, and it had amazing amounts of power, and i never had any problems with it. now ive only had my bike for 4 days, and when i would read all of these negative responses, it would scare me into thinking about another bike. but buying another bike could have been my biggest mistake. this bike is the funnest,fastest, and most easy to ride i ever have ridden. i heare all these stories about hard starting, but in truth, this is the easiest bike to start, especially for a four stroke. i also have a XT350, now that thing is hard to start, heheh. I guess what im trying to say is: Don't let other people scare you into buying somthing differnt fro mwhat you want. every one has different experiences, but i couldnt be happier. other than reguar maintenance, this bike should be a blast. if you buy this bike, the consequence is: fun by the shitloads. I havent had any problems thus far into my endeavour, but i will keep you posted. E-mail me if you have a question or somthing.

Elan, you got some big balls. ride hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought mine 2 months ago. I ride at least 6 days a week (blessed with a track in my back yard). I do the maintenace and ride the hell out of the poor thing. So far, it has not missed a lick. I was a die hard Honda freak before the 426, but it has definately changed my opinion of Yamaha's. Just like they say here, it has it's good points and bad. Now the bad is starting to fade and it's ALL GOOD! If you don't have to relearn to ride after riding 2-strokes for years you're really at an advantage. I had to relearn throttle timing on the face of jumps and speed into the coners. You can definately be faster around the track with less effort on the 426 than on a 2-stroke and when your an old fart like me (35) you need all the help you can get (got two kids who ride, it gets tough!). Buy it you'll like it...........

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