i am back.........not that anyone missed me

Well after 4 months of being employed by the state i have finally found a home. I was laid off from my last job right after i got back from my honey moon. I am now working in the fire alarm industry. I am working as an application tech. So far it kicks ass. Tha neat thing is that i will be able to see some of the country while working here. Well just wanted to say hi again and it is good to be reading posts again.

Chris :)

Hey Chris,

I was actually thinking about you a couple of weeks ago.

Bought a Penton Jackpiner from Post Falls, and I knew I was in your 'hood.

Good to hear you are back on the payrolls, and I hope it works out good for ya!

Hey Chris welcome back.

Most the regulars are still here and EGO's still babbling incoherently. :) (no offence ego) :D

brandon did you get your t100?

Hey Chris,

Glad to see you are back!! :)

So what do you think of the "New" ThumperTalk? :D

I am now working in the fire alarm industry.

It might be a good time to start another "what do you do for a living" thread to get back into the game. LOL

I've always liked the threads that offer little bits of info on other members like what do you do, how old are you, what kind of rig do you haul the bikes with, etc. It helps me make my own mental pic's of you guys!

BTW, I'm still building pools, hauling my bikes behind one of my work trucks, and being labeled as old for giving advice to young TT members who think running from the law while riding in restricted areas is OK!

Welcome back man. :)

I look forward to your posts.

Later, Kelly

brandon did you get your t100?

No! Since then (and still!) I have been trying to unload my '88 Trooper, and I can't even get someone to call me on it? I started at $1750 and now I am down to $1250, and it still sits.

I had resolve that I would not invest in the T100 until the Trooper was gone, but I got weak on Tuesday, and I bought this. What do you think?


Sweet. Just chop off the top and your good to go. Or build an elevator to get your bike on top. Then you would have to worry aobut the hight restrictions on the bridges. Talk to you later.


i like the new thumper talk. At first i could not find the fourms so i just left. But since then i have found them. Shoot i have not ridden since may. I am having withdrawls. The woods are shut down here at 1:00 pm. And on the weekends i have been doing the wedding thing. It has been hot and dry here. No major fires in the area to report yet though. So that is good news. Oh yea i offically paid off my bike. So hell yea it is mine now.

NOW to talk the wife into letting me seel this one and taking the procedes and putting it down on a new 450. That is the trick. NEw truck or new Bike. What do you all think. I am taking calls right now. :)


I got married last Sept and I had to make the same decision Chris.

Dont anyone hate me but my bike still run awesome so I went with the truck.

Soon as I get enough money saved up Im going to buy it outright. :)

If you still like your bike, go with the truck. My 2 pennines.


I am truly amazed you have not been black balled by all your tree hugging friends

Geez ya ride a Dirt Bike in their beloved mothers land, now you post a pic of a rust riddled gas guzzling ORIGINAL SUV :)

Man you are the epitome of a walking contradiction :D Lookie I splet it wite

Geez You need to repent and burn that thing

In reality I was expecting like a 1950s converted bus with flowers all over it :D


What do you mean the woods are shut down at 1:00 p.m.????


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