yz 426 stalls when i put it in gear


Im new here.

I bought a 2002 yzf426 about a while ago. It has been sat in my garage for about a year. I have just given it a coolant and oil change and tried to get it started.

I got it going after a while but 1st problem is it seems to hunt a bit, when i pull the throttle back a little it revs a fair bit then continues to do so for about 5 seconds.

2nd problem is, it runs fine on idle but i pull the clutch and put it in 1st and it lurches forward and stalls... much like there is no clutch at all. I have tried to adjust the clutch and there is movment on the arm (on the engine block)

Dont know what the priblem could be. guessing maybe that the clutch plates are a little sticky



For the clutch you need to give it a good ride and get it nice and warm. Chances are this will resolve your problem which has probably been caused by having the bike sitting for so long. Generally I would expect a 'clunk' when engaging gear on a cold engine, and find this disappears once the engine is warm.

As for the carburettor see how it goes after the ride, it could be your pilot jet is glazed, again due to the bike having sat for a long period.

Lay the bike over, clutch side, to get the plates soaked. Bump start & go for a ride. This should clear it, but bear in mind that if there other road users about, you may still not have a clutch!!

make sure the clutch cable is free, and is disengaging enough. The bike will bump a little when you put it in gear, but shouldn't stall. the hanging idle is probably from varnish/old gas. pull the carb, clean it well, lay the bike over like that guy said, and make sure there is oil in the clutch plates.


There seems to be plenty of movment in the cable and the little clutch lever on the engine casing is moving plenty.

I will try tipping it on its side for a while. I cant really start it tonight tho as i dont think my neighbours will like it much.

I will have to try bumping it or this pobably wont work as the back wheel will just lock up. So maybe i will get it running then get a make to push me along then whack it in gear. Could be a little scary with a sticky thottle and no clutch:ride:

Will taking it for a blast clear both these problems?

Who knows...but check your medical insurance first.

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