06 YZ450F throttle cables...

I am in the middle of my yearly maintenance and I took my carb out and cables off blah blah blah...now when I put the cables back into the throttle housing and tighten the housing up my throttle almost completely locks up. Everything works flawlessly until I tighten the housing. Throttle tube is loose without the cables connected and the housing tightened. Same results on the bar as off the bar:foul:

I have the service manual and cant find anything in there, like missing parts and such.

I am at a loss here. I have been servicing my own everything for 20+ years and this has me stumped. :banghead:HELP Thankfully it is snowing again here in lovely MI:mad:

If you call the half of the housing that the cables enter through the bottom half, and the one where the screws are the top half, be sure that the ends of both cables in the throttle tube are up in the top half as you tighten the housing screws.

With relentless searching on here I found one clue...cables out of adjustment. Just went out and adjusted the open cable at the carb and guess what...works just like new again

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