Wr450f / yz450f


I have a 2005 WR450F and I am looking for some graphics for the front and rear fender, side number plate and fork protectors. Just wondering what year YZ are compatable?? Hard to find WR decals.

I DO have the graphics for the tank, shrouds, swing arms and the air box.

I did a search--but had little luck

Any help would be great..Thanks!!!

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www.XGXracing.com :thumbsup: Got the BLUE HELLFIRE for my WR450F..Not seen many other bikes out there with these graphics..

05-06 uses the YZ shrouds and smaller YZ style tank but unless you have swapped the rear fender for a YZ one nothing will fit the rear fender but WR stuff. You should be able to use a 05-06 YZ kit without too much trouble. You might have a little trimming to do on the plate backgrounds as I thought they were slightly different than YZ.

Do a search, been covered many times before.


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