TTR125L shifting

I know this isn't a 426 but I have a problem with my son's bike I can't figure out. When he lands from a large jump sometimes the bike will down shift by itself, the motor mounts are tight, the chain doesn't seem to hit the shifter, and he swears he isn't hitting hit with his boot. He does bottom the susp. quite regularly. any suggestions would help. this bike is one year old and I've already repaired broken engines cases, broken spokes, sprocket bolts pulling out of the hub, and many other repairs, this might be the last straw. Thanks in advance. mike

Large jumps? On a TT-125? I think this answers all the questions! This is a bike for a trail riding wife, not a son who's trying to be Ricky Carmichael!

Hey Mike,

I truly sorry to hear about your son's TTR problems.

I'm no expert, but have you ever witnessed your son jump and what happens afterwards? What kind of reactions does the bike have towards landing, etc. Have you noticed anything peculiar when the bike lands?

Please don't take this to impune your sons riding abilities. I think its great you and your son ride!

Oh, and...

Don't mind that comment about the TTR. Guess he forgot his younger days on his pw50 when he jumped the sandbox in the back yard and got so excited he pee'd in his pants, and had to cry to mama.

It ain't cool to rag on a thumpers ride! :)


YZ426 Kicks

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Mike, May I suggest that the bike is downshifting after bottoming the suspension merely as a result of gravity. If he's bottoming out hard enough, the lever may just be forced down from the impact! Have you done any mods to this bike? Heavier springs can be obtained from BBR and possibly many other sources. I have a set of heavier springs (front and back) on my son's TT-R and they're quite an improvement.

My response to 426 pilot's comment is that there are many people out there who "play" and race on the mini thumper, including adults. If your son has the ability though to abuse this bike like you describe, it may be time to move up to a true race bike! Is he tall enough for a YZ250F yet?


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Hey Mike,

I agree with dirt dad. The TTR125 is an awesome play bike. In stock form that is all it is. If your son is going to be riding this bike a while I highly reccomend you contact the boys at BBR and get some legs under that bad boy! You can contact them at, It won't be cheap, but not as expensive as a broken bike I'm sure! Or maybe even a broken son!!

Thanks for the replies, my son is 5'1' and 87#. the bike does bottom quite often. We ride at the local MX track and he keeps up with all but the best 80's. I guess your right he needs a better bike, but I would like to wait till Yamaha comes out with a YZ125F if possible. I don't want to sink a ton of money into this bike. I think what is happenening is the frame is flexing, the shifter is mounted to the frame with linkage. Thanks again for the replies. mike

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BBR also has a part that completes the frame. Instead of the engine acting as a member of the frame this part connects the bottom front part of the frame to the rear.

I believe Yamaha is working on a YZ125F to compete in the 80 class. I bet that would be the ticket for your son.



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If you're interested, the complete set of springs (front and back) came to right around $200 including shipping and the frame cradle is around $140. It's a really trick piece. BBR makes their own now out of aluminum. It really does "complete" the frame. I have all three mods on my son's bike and again, it's quite an improvement. It may sound like more than you want to spend at this time, but it may be cheaper than any repairs that they may prevent!

Just a suggestion. Good luck with the bike.


00 YZ426F

01 TT-R125L (my son's)

91 CR125

83 YZ490

74 Hodaka Super Combat(gone but not forgotten!)

and let me comment on the high quality of BBR's craftmenship, its second to none. i assure you of this. i ride a BBR400...and ive NEVER had any problems with their parts on the bike. in fact, my hinson clutch blew up, and sent crap all into my blew, causing 2000 in new parts, the only part still good from my engine, the ported and polished head from fact, they only ported then intake side, not the exhaust,and guess what, the exhaust side was screwed up too, im telling you, they are HIGH quality. allright, later.


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