WR450F Transmission?

this is my first post and yes I tried searching so forgive me if its been discussed. I have a 2007 YZ450F thats in supermoto trim, the third gear shift fork is bent and it needs to be repaired. No big deal, I want to know if the WR trans will fit? I know the cases, shift drum and one of the two shafts are the same, the other shaft the part number prefix is different but everything else matches fine. I think it will work and I know the wider ratios would be a bit better for me. Thanks for the help and I look foward to spending some time on this site :thumbsup:

Guess it helps to read! Thanks for the link its seemingly a painless swap

It's a direct bolt-in. The best part of it is that unlike the 4 speed models, you don't need absolutely everything. The cam, forks, and output shaft from the YZ can be reused.

Awesome, I can wait

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