what piston for 04 450

so my 4th is blown, and the motor is comin out to get that replaced, and im gonna do a rebuild since i dont believe it has had one since 04. im looking to get a little more compression probably like a 13 to 1 piston. whats a good company you guys have had luck with? and i shouldnt need race gas with an increase of .5 should i?

anyone? just pulled my top end off, and everything looks great. thinking about going with the moose racing piston kit.

I highly recommend the OEM piston. You can get a good price on them at North County Yamaha's e-bay site. ncyamaha?

oem for sure, it's proven and probly cheaper than any others

but wont it run better than oem with 13 to 1 compression? i ride in the dunes wide open racing up dunes

I wouldn't advise that. You're better off with a known brand name. Moose could be anything. Frankly, if it were me, I would stay with an OEM replacement unless I were racing the bike at a level where power was almost the only thing costing me races, in which case I'd go a full point higher. Then my choice would be a CP, but I'd want one with two compression rings, if I could get it.

have a buddy who is hudge into racing, and he likes the moose racing ones. he says that they are made by cp?

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