Which skid plate to run on 2011 450 SE?

I want case protection but only ride on the track. I'm looking at litespeed carbon glide or full coverage skid plate. Also, considering Acerbis Black plastic full coverage skid plate. Of course, works connection aluminum full coverage (swiss cheese look). I want to only use original mount bolts (no clamps). Does anyone have experience with any of the products I mentioned on a 10 or 11 YZ 450?

I have the works connection full skid plate on my 2010. I am really happy with it so far. I ride a mixture of tracks, desert, and endurance races. It has good coverage but still tucks in close and still allows airflow to the engine. It does use clamps for the 2 upper mounts tho and be sure to use plenty of loctite on all the hardware.

I don't want to have to do and undo those clamps. They are usually a pain to work with. Can you do an oil change without removing the plate?

Lightspeed is the only one that uses just the original mounting locations. No dumb crossbar like my gytr:(

Thanks Chaz. I want to take it on off quickly for my oil changes. 3 bolts seems pretty easy. Clamps, not so much.

Where do you buy the Litespeed full skid plate?

I use the light speed one! Have to remove it for an oil change but it's not that bad.

how thick is the light speed ?is it real beefy ?the part that covers water pump looks weak.oh and the price 200.00

See if Devol or Scorpion make one yet. Their plates for the '06-'09 model use the stock mount points, and they do a good job for a reasonable price.

Another option is the new Leo Vince carbon skid plate. It uses the original mounting holes and 3 bolts. Its like the light speed but does not have those slots in it.I like this because it does not allow mud to get in between the skid plate and engine underneath.

I think they are selling them now I received this one to try out. here is there contact info you want to talk to Ted Cambell the race manager.


Here is a photo of it on my bike.



You do have to take the WC plate off for oil changes but the clamps are actually very easy to get back on.

I would try rentonmotorcycles.com for a good price on a lightspeed skid plate or glide plate which will save a few bucks, but less protection. Or the Acerbis skid plate, which has good coverage at a fraction of the cost. Yes it has a clamp but it seems to be easy to deal with.

That leo vince looks sweet for offroad!

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