Time-cert on drain plug hole.

Im time certing it today and wanted to know what would be good to flush through the bike to get the shavings that might get up in the case. Thanks!

Brake cleaner

A little compressed air in the case vent will help prevent shavings from getting in your motor while drilling or tapping.

Dip the tap and drill bit in a thick grease. Most of the shavings will stick to the grease.Drill at a slower speed so not to sling the grease. Or you can have someone hold a shop vac hose next to where you are drilling as well.


Ok, thanks guys I was going to dip the tap as well. I might run some cheap oil through it as well

four2sixxer can you post pictures

Yea I will when I start the job ive been busy lately so no time and I dont wanna rush this and mess it up so im going to do it on a stress free day.

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