Best place to get a radiator Fixed

I ran a log through my Devol guard and radiator tonight and on further inspection I think It may be repairable. Does anyone know the best place to send it ?? I heard Fox does good work, but I don't know how to get ahold of them.

It's amazing everything I need to know is already been posted before..If would just check the archives before asking dumb questions :) anyway

Mylers radiator repair. (800)367-7699 8414 McDowell Ct.,west jordan,UT 84088

South Eastern Riders with radiator problems can contact

KELL RADIATOR: Douglasville, Georgia. (770-942-2696)

Anthony Kell does a great job (I've had 3 pretty bad ones repaired there). Turn Around is 1 day. Prices are generally in line or slightly cheaper than Mylers.

Bonzai :)

I had problems with Mylers....rad didn't fit when I got it back, ended up taking it to a local guy and he did a much better MUCH cheaper job!! And he's only a 1/4 mile from work! ;8^P

I take mine to a local rad shop and for $30 he will work miracles. So if you dont mind sending it a ways:

Rod's Radiators

3110 Bechelli Lane

Redding CA, 96002

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