05 YZ450f, Dr.D system???

I have an 05 450, it is basically bone stock. The only thing changed is the silencer. The guy I got it from shortened the silencer 4 inches. He said he didn't like how far it stuck out. I don't know, I never saw it. I do know it looks very close to my 05 yz250F's silencer. My question is this, did this jack-wagon make a big mistake? Is it OK to run it the way it is? What about a new system? I like the way the Dr.D worked on my 426, Will it do the same for my 450?


Well while im at it, what other system should I concider? What seems to work well on this bike?

I just put a Dr.D system on my 05 450 it works and sounds great. No flat spots or hesitation just smooth power.

Did yours come with an insert?

Not a quiet core but it did come with a spark arrestor. oemcycle.com had the best price.

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