Beverly Sand Dunes Video! Re-Edited and Longer!

Beverly Sand Dunes in Washington, 2006 & 2009 yz450f and 2001 YZ250 &125

Check it out in HD and watch my other vids!

Sweet vid man.

No offense... but is that what "dunes" are like in WA?

Sweet vid man.

No offense... but is that what "dunes" are like in WA?

Yup, nothing like Oregon or Cali

Sweet vid man.

No offense... but is that what "dunes" are like in WA?

lol not even, that doesnt compare to what the moses lake dunes/juniper dunes are like. let alone the dunes we have just in the most random spots. ill admit our dunes are not like elsewhere,but any dune area are going to have different characteristics then others. the moses lake dunes have both dunes,mud flats,dunes running next to the lake and pot holes. some with rocky areas and we got pits. granite the moses lake dunes are a lot smaller then other areas. 3000+ acreas. the beaverly dunes are a measly 300+ acreas.(many people own that much land around here lol) juniper dunes has 3800 acreas of rideable dunes and 17000 total. the grant county area has dunes strung across but we only have a few legal places to ride on. not only do you have rideable land in moses lake but you have the spillways, lake, canal, potholes to fish. not counting the hunting land in the pothole area next to the dunes. all the coasties come and spend there weekends here. if not duning in the summer they are taking our hunting spots in the winter. so nothing like the larger dunes elsewhere but not small like beaverly. not saying beaverly dunes wouldnt be fun to check out one of these days but i wouldnt go out of my way to check them out. just my input from being a washington guy. but i enjoy the area more then just duning. im not sure how many places you could go and all in one day. run across cougar tracks. chase 8 deer across water. and see thousands of duck and geese. the moses lake dunes over the years have definitly dwindled some. the dunes change over time. dunes use to peak a lot higher. but its more of a package deal for the dunes here. my personal opinion. not going to hate on a place i like to call home.




er wait nm our dunes suck. (really i just enjoy going on a day no ones out riding) really early season and weekdays rock

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