Who is riding/racing a 2010/2011 yz450 offroad?

I've been taking a look at the new yz450 for offroad racing. I've ridden the previous generation of yz450s and was curious how the new bike compares? I ride only offroad, no motocross, about 80 percent enduros with an occasional harescramble thrown in to make sure I realize that I'm slow.

I ride trails all the time. Some small points I can contribute

-Keep the idle up to around 2200rpm to avoid stalling, or get a weighted flywheel weight.

-Stock suspension is actually pretty decent for trail riding, but a re-valve is always the best option for the rocks, roots and crap.

-Throttle is too responsive for low RPM lugging, very hard to keep the bike at low rpms (Just above idle) for tight sections. Injectioneering.com can fix this, but if you are riding fast trails all the time with no slow downs, it won't matter.

-Gearing is a bit high for trails, I found by keeping the stock 13 front and changed to a 50 tooth rear helped huge for the tighter sections. Really helped for lifting the front, which is a must for puddles and stream crossings, holes etc.

-Stock header is supposed to be excellent for flow, but stock pipe is not. There is a clear and obvious taper of the end cap to impede flow mostly for noise reasons I would think. You could get away with a billet end cap and open her up, or go with any of the slip-ons. Either way, top end needs to be opened up on this bike, over-rev is increased slightly and mid power pull is much better.

-The map on this bike stock is very rich, the tuner is a good way to open up a bit of power and lean things out. IMO the tuner is a must even if you want to get a seperate fuel controller as it will control timing and fuel controllers will only do fuel. Advancing the timing on this bike had a very nice gain, even in stock form.

A power commander fuel controller is an excellent upgrade, as it offers fuel adjustments at intervals that is impossible with the GYTR tuner. Much more precise and accurate fuel adjustments with the PCV, I'm very happy with mine. There are a few more reasons why I think you should go with a PCV, if you want to know more let me know.

Everything else other than the usual, tires, valving, adding a steering stabilizer, etc works well for the sticks.

hey mikeyfocker.. where in ca are you? I've got a 10' and love it here in N. CA. I did do a revalve and am currently messing with spring rates but im on the lighter side and he is right.. stock valving is decent for offroad but i wanted something a little more plush on the first few inches for rocks and roots. I actually did the opposite of the last reply for enduro. I use the gytr to richen and retard the timing just a bit from stock which will allow it to chug better and not stall as easy and it does take some of the hard hit away and make it feel more like a ktm xc in my opinion. I also added the quietcore muffler to quiet it down so it wouldnt have any issues passing inspection.. it didnt seem to rob it of much power which dirt rider will tell you (they did a comparison test of each bike for offroad with the quietcore). Other than that.. i just added handguards, rad braces, 1 tooth larger in the rear, speed racing disk guards, skid plate and really thats all it needed. I used to ride a crf 450 then went to a kx250f and to be honest this bike almost handles like my 250f did.. it doestn feel nearly as heavy as a 450 imo. I was supprised. Here's another article on some woods setup but I guess it's going to vary by how aggressive you are. I like that i can set it up like this article recommends for woods, then lean and advance the timing for hangtown and other higher speed tracks. overall.. i wouldnt pick another bike unless your worried the 2.4 gal ims tank isnt big enough which reminds me i need to put that thing on. lol.


I'm in San Francisco, so most of the riding that I do is in Mendocino/Lake(middlecreek/cow mtn/stonyford) or in the sierra foothills. I'm on a yz250 now, and I'm looking to replace the wr. Its too heavy. I was just curious about the new yz450 and how people are getting along with it offroad. The small tank is the only deal breaker for me right now. I like how easy to tune the efi is, and I like that the exhaust seems to be much less vulnerable than a conventional design. I'm just trying to get more feedback on how people are getting along on them. I know I've seen one of the Garahans absolutely killing it on the new yz450 at the local harescramble circuit.

I ride A 2010 yz450. My riding is all desert and some mountains in Albuquerque,NM after a couple months of riding I burnt out my clutch plates after riding threw muddy arroyos. I replaced it with a Rekluse Z Start pro. Love this bike in any tight or open riding. I changed out the rear sprocket two up. Chain x ring (stock chain wears fast) and changed the stock mapping (a must do asap). Wakes up the bike. Also put a slip on FMF pipe. Bike handles great. As for the gas tank U can maby get a 30 mile ride in. I now carry a 12OZ aluminum can full of gas in my camel back. Don"t want the extra weight from the oversize tank. Handling is great as is. Bike is perfect now getting suspension re valve this week. No issues yet. Love the yamaha.

whiskey, do you have your IMS tank on yet? any pictures? I love how small and compact the stock tanks are, but would be nice to have the extra volume. on my 06 I blew up the stock tank with heat and a bit of pressurized air and that gave me an extra 1.2 liters...that was perfect and never had any issues. I doubt anyone has tried this yet?

You guys that are adding teeth to the rear....do you find the bike gets jumpy then and then wears you down? I geared my 06 slower with 2 teeth onto the rear and the bike was really jerky then and tiring. The stock gearing is very smooth, but it can stall easier. The higher idle was an excellent idea.

For my first ride i thought the suspension was perfect...i was really surprised at how stable and planted the bike felt. i weigh 230 and am 6'3" so I am pretty sure I will be going bigger on the springs once the suspension breaks in. I'm not getting a revalve though, just throwing away money.

I went over 60 miles with the ims tank and still had fuel in there, and that was pretty difficult riding most of the distance, not just flat trails and roads. It doesn't feel bulky either.

How many liters is that IMS tank? do you have any pictures you can post, that would really help out? It looks really big and bulky in the magazine. This bike is amazing on fuel, the stock tank gets me up to 60 km's.

I think i might try the blow up method on this bike's tank as well. I will have to have a look at the quick connect to the fuel pump though...a little different then the old school petcock's.

I had the opportunity to ride an '11 that was setup for offroad last week and it was pretty sweet.

The owner of the bike said (and I'm going to mess this part up) that the fuel map and ignition map had been retarded -4...?

Anyway, the bike was a tractor and the motor really reminded me of a 450 XC-W. Very smooth, strong power right off the bottom and not jumpy at all.

The handling was very nimble. He had a 2.5 gallon tank on it and after a 55 mile mountain ride the bike was almost running on fumes.

A YZ450F rider (170 pounds, hardpack trails this weekend) got 57.8 mi out of his before running out. Geared down one, great throttle control.

I have a '11 set up for offroad.

The IMS gas tank fits really well and doesn't seem to make the bike feel any wider than stock. The one thing I did notice is that it seemed to raise the front of the seat about 1/2". The way the fuel pump mounts to the bottom of the tank makes for limited clearance between the fuel pump and top of the motor, it looks like there is not much room anywhere for the tank to go any lower.

Some other mods I have tried: G2 throttle cam, PC link, Factory Connection revalve for offroad, Scotts damper, Rekluse pro, and woods map with GYTR FI tool.

How about lights, has anyone installed a headlight or dual sport kit on a new gen YZ yet? I'd like to have something I could get plated and don't really want to go to a KTM just to get a plate.

I successfully installed a rear tail light with a fuse.

Still working on a headlight however, there is no room for one with the ECU mounted to the frame. Relocating it is tough, and it has to stay vertical or the bike won't start.

No battery on my bike, just using the stock stator and no switch, the light comes on whenever the bike is running.

If there's room fro a number plate, there's room for a head light.

Yes technically there is, but you need to fab up a bracket to hold the light out a bit so that the rear of the bulb does not hit the ecu.

Would love to use the WR headlight assembly as it's the best looking. Just too lazy to fab up something that could make it work...

You may be able to use the headlight they will be running on the 2012 WR's.

I know the subject has drifted a tab but I figured I'd add.....

I just put a FMF Q4 slip on for spark arrester to be legal on last weekends trip. I usually run woods map but this pipe made woods map kind of aggressive so I switched to Yamaha broad power band map and this combination was killer in the woods and super quiet too. I wouldn't say pipe added any power but it sure changed the characteristics of it.

other mods: Z-start pro, gytr offroad flywheel, g2 throttle

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Help...cannot find springs for my 11 yz 450 up here in Canada. I am looking for 50's in the forks and a 5.0 for the shock.

Help...cannot find springs for my 11 yz 450 up here in Canada. I am looking for 50's in the forks and a 5.0 for the shock.

If nothing else I could get some from the local shop and ship them to you...

is the range and differant on the 2010-current yz450f compared to the 2006-2009 bike?

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