?? Where do i get a lighting Coil for my 99' 400

I want to street legal my bike and i cannot find a decent price on lighting coil I have seen the e-line and it is very expensive but nice. I was curios can you mount a wr lighting coil. and does anyone know about the e-line dual sport kit it is 150.00 dollars more than the baja designs kit but it looks much cleaner. :)


Yes you can mount an wr lighting coil on your YZ but you'll allso need the flywheel and the CDI unit, so you'll end up as expensive as the E-Line unit, with less power...

I found a French manufacturer (Formule Top)who made nice casted unit with the same coils inside than E-Line (Ducati coils), they sold as a kit with 2 voltage regulator, add-on flywheel, coil and cover. All for sligthly less than the E-line unit. They also prepare bikes for Stephane Peterhansel, a legend overthere in europe, and many times Paris-Dakar top finisher, so they're serious.

look at mine at:



Here is a link for a cool new kit. Met the guy who is building the, on a dual sport ride. Very compact and secure and mount much better than any other brand. Can also customize the turn lights to your preference.

Looking for a Street Kit for your offroad bike? Visit our friends at: http://www.trickdualsport.com/ and mention Dual Dogs to receive a discount.

I looked at the lighting coil, price is $244. It rates it at 45 watts, isn't that rather low? I know the e-line is higher, it also has a huge housing, maybe that's as big as they can go in the stock side cover?

Originally posted by jbird:

Check these guys out. I dropped them a line and they said thier coil would work fine. If I remember right the price was right too--



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