Tall guy triple clamp

Im 6'4" and have the stock 01 tripple clamps. I just put the Jimmy Button Renthalls on, but I could still use a little more height. Is there an aftermarket triple clamp that allows you to raise the bars or some sort of mod. available? I feel like Lurch when I stand up on this bike!

Oh, by the way thanks for all the replys on my post "dear thumpertalk advice". My friend Is going to pay for the handguard that he mangled when he crashed my bike. I went to the Acerbis site and ordered a replacement. The next time I spoke with him, I told him a new one was on the way, and how much it cost, and he insisted on picking up the tab. Thanks,


Hey Mike,

I am 6'2" and also have the Button bars. I purchased a bar mount from www.thumperracingusa.com (part not listed on web site)that raises the bars about an 1in. and moves them forward 1.5 in. It's cheap and works great for me, allowing for better seat position especially getting weight forward for turns. I have the stock triple clamp. BTW, we need to hook-up and go riding. I have been racing the last couple ECEA enduros and will be riding Pine Hill this weekend, but maybe we could try later this month.

Good Luck, Keith.

Thanks Keith,

I called them. They have (2) different bars mounts. One raises the bars up 1" and 1.5" forward, they recommend it for 6'2" - 6'5" riders. The other raises the bars up 1.5" and 1.5" forward, they recommend that one for 6'5" and over riders. Even though im 6'4", I may go with the 1.5" x 1.5" mount. They are 89.00 each. Let me know when you want to ride, Wharton has some great woods (whoops) trails.


I'm 6'2' and also have the J. Button bars which I like. I'm getting ready to ordert the Oberg Sports triple clamp. This is the coolest clamp I've ever seen. Go to www.mxsouth.com and check it out. I also saw a review for it in MXA a couple of months ago. This has the most adjustments of any of the t-clamps I've seen. By moving the bars as far forward as this set up allows, you may not need to raise the bars (although Oberg has mounts to raise the bars as well). I'll be ordering very soon and will supply a ride review when able.


I'm 6'4" & I have the +1.5" up/forward mounts on my '99 WR with an Applied TC. I also have the +1" up/forward that I've used on my WR but are now on my wife's XR250R. My recommendation is the +1.5" up/forward.

Do search using my name in the WR forum and you can find the links to some pics of my set-up.


I am 6'2" and riding a 00 YZ 426F with the stock clamp and TAG T5 YZ bend handlebars with no problems. What I was wondering was would a new TC or bar mount kit that moves the bars make my ride MORE comfortable? I ride mostly in the woods in a seated position and have had no complaints with my setup. Does anyone have any advice?

Keith, Brian, or anyone,

I finally got the 1.5" bar risers from thumper racing. They forgot to include one of the long bolts that goes thru the top of the clamp into the triple clamp, but I called them and one is on the way. Anyway, I wanted to check the feel so I partially installed the risers. The stock brake line seems to be too short now. I removed the brake line guide from the bottom fork tube clamp and it helps, but the brake line still seems to be too tight. Did you use a longer brake line with your set-up or did you stay with the stock one? Thanks,


Hey Mike,

I did not have this problem and the riser actually helped me eat up some excess brake line I had developed from other mods. I have cut my Button bars down to 29 in. and run on the lower end of the spectrum for fork oil height. I race enduros so I try

to make the bike as short, narrow and low as possible. I could see how with stock width Buttons combined with high fork height the brake line could be a problem. I rarely race mx, but maybe you could take a little width off the bars (1/2 in.)to solve the problem and not sacrifice handling. I have no problems at 29inches, but have been riding at this width for years. I think stock is around 32 or so, maybe you can get by with a small cut and cheat the master cylinder in towards the middle. I also tweak my lever for one finger (index) use that allowed for moving the cylinder/perch inward. A last resort would be to rotate brake line out of detent as it enters the master cylinder to give you more slack. I actually did this upward because I have so much excess. This, however, could potentially cause a binding problem if rotated downwards when forks compress.

Good Luck and enjoy standing with comfort and getting up on the tank with the risers! Keith

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