2004 YZ450 for offroad

I ran across a great deal on a 2004 yz450 and was curious on how they do for offroad. I'm 220lbs fast C slow B rider in enduros. Ride mostly single track and 4 wheeler type trail, and mix in some brush busting with it every now and then. I was curious how the 4 speed tranny works in the woods as well if these bikes tend to have any over heating issues when ridden in the woods. Bike I'm looking at is mostly stock with a full White Bros. exhaust. Currently have a 2001 ktm300exc and used ride a 98' WR400 too so I'm used to and prefer to ride big bores. Any input would be great.

I've never had any kind of overheating issues with my '04. I can tell you, that in stock form, the bike HATES slow riding. A flywheel weight will be a must if you want to do any low speed, woods type stuff. The 4 speed does limit you sometimes. If you gear down low enough for the slow sections, you run out of legs pretty quick when things open up. I offroad my bike all the time with no issues, but I would look for a 5 speed if I was planning to ride enduros or cross country.

Is gearing down necessary if you go with a big enough FWW? With stock 14/48 gearing will it do ok on top with FWW? Most of the riding I do is 2nd and 3rd with an occasional high speed section of power lines or short open area between woods sections. Thanks for the info.

ride my 04 in the mountains 90% of the times. i have it geared down to a 12 and a 50 on the back. pretty low, and it still wants to die if your going too slow. gearing works good, but your top speed aint sh**. i liked it in the mountains until my 4th gear went out. than i geared it back up with a 14 and it was too high.

The trouble with gearing is that due to the simple mathematics of it, it has a much greater effect on the top speed than it has on the RPM at low speeds. With stock gearing, 3000 rpm in low is about 12mph, and 11,000 in 4th is 84 (on paper, traction not accounted for). Dropping a tooth in front cuts the top speed by 7 mph, but drops the low gear speed at 3000 to only 11.5.

When I had my '03, which has the same internal gearing as the '04, I ran a 15/49 for the desert and almost everywhere else. Sometimes I'd go to to a 14/49 for certain MX tracks or trail areas, but that was more a matter of making second gear more useful than for low speeds in first.

Ultimately, with the tall first gear, you're going to have to either do a lot of clutch work or install a Rekluse auto clutch regardless of how you gear it, so my opinion is to stay with the stock ratio or close to it, and deal with the low speed operations another way.

I have an 04 that I bought new in 05. I ride it quite alot in the woods with 13/48 gearing and it seems to be the ticket. I also have the 9oz. FWW. The nice thing about the counter shaft sprocket is it's easy to change out. If I go to a outdoor MX track I'll change it back to the 14. Obviously it takes a big hit on the top end with the 13 but I rarely get her to 4th gear in the woods. This bike has about 400 hrs on it and still starts on the first kick(warm).

Anyone have any particular preference on the FWW weight? I've seen 9oz, 10oz, and 13oz. I would assume it would be better to go for 13 if I'm primarily going to be riding woods??

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