Levers: Sunline V1 MDX or ASV F3 Recommendation

I believe the title says it all.

I ride an 2008 WR450F and unfortunately :cripple:gravity wins, so I am looking for an unbreakable set of levers.

  • Which do you use, and recommend?
  • Will they work with the hot start?

happy trails to you and keep it on two wheels:ride:.

brush busters my friend brush busters. all your problems will be solved. no more broken levers or fingers. just buy a good set. cycra probends are my personal choice but i havent put them on my wr yet but on my KTM they have been great. thinkin they may interfere with my computer. if they do ill be purchasing the ones that mount to the triple clamps instead. :thumbsup:


Sunline levers, expensive but work perfect

Yeah dude... there's no point in getting unbreakable levers when you've got breakable fingers. Not to mention if you wack a tree without them, forcing your hand onto the throttle, and launching you and your bike off the hill.

I've got Cyrca probends with the triple tree mounts on my bike. I crash a fair bit because I'm always out trying to push myself and do new things, so I need my setup to be invincible. This helps sturdy the handlebars, protect your hands, and the levers as well. This setup winds up being pretty rugged.

For extra safety, you hacksaw a thin line about 75% of the way out on the levers. This way in the situation where you somehow do connect with your levers, they have a distinct point to break off at instead of breaking off and leaving you without a clutch or brake lever.

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