Moab trip in October...

Umm, how much? Am I going to need a plate?

You know Chris, you could always use the plate off of your R1 :)

You can just pay the ticket, right? :D

Just teasin'...



Momma says I cant go until November!!! Our anniversary is in Oct and we are staying at a B&B on the Mendocino coast.... = .....BIG $$$$ :D

I wont have the funds for a moab trip until November. AAAAAAARRRGGGG. I want to go. Ddialog/N7SLC You guys be up for another trip in November? I think Paul Maust and I will come out together if our schedules mesh.

Cisco....are those WHIPS I hear in the background?? :)

Cisco....are those WHIPS I hear in the background?? :)

you should see the welts!!!! :D



Unfortunately, this will be my second trip to Moab this year and I don't think I could swing another one so soon. Sorry! You should contact Pedman, he's going the first weekend in November and I'm sure he'd let you join them. :D

BTW, maybe you should add this to your sig? --> whip.gif:)

Just kidding around with ya buddy!

Hey Cisco. I am going to be heading out there around Oct 18th from Michigan for a weeks stay in Moab. This will be our 1st time out there. There is 5 of is staying in a 30' motorhome (should be interesting) Your welcome to ride with us it that time works better for you. As is any one else that wants to join us. A local rider would be great as we will be winging it using nothing more than maps and common sence.

Gotta be November, but thanks for the heads up! :)

Cisco, we have a club ride tenativly planned for November, probably around Moab or Green River area. It will probably be a donation ride($50 'donation' required), but well worth it. It's a great way to get to ride trails outside the usual 'beaten path'. Check for updates on the ride, or get in touch with one of the contacts if updates are slow. If your trip happens to coinside with ours, you are more than welcome to come ride with us. Membership is not a requirement. :)

Please excuse my shameless plugs for our club, but hey, great people, great mission, great rides... :D

Second weekend in October. Anyone want to join us?

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