Headlight won't work ??

I've recently just got my bike license and now just puting all the indicators back on my bike, took them off when I bouht the bike.

Put them all on, tested them worked great, but when I looked at the light wasnt working. I left the light on there by the way, and was working the day before when I was riding.

I took the light off and checked globes, looked fine, hooked the light up to a 12 v battery and it works, I've also got another light, just one lamp one, the other is a 2 lamp- high and low. And the other one will work so must have power there.

Checked the fuses under the seat, any other fuses??

If anybody knows or had the same problem please help


What Year is your bike is it a 2000? does it have a small Nicad battery? if so how old is it? It may not be holding a charge and could actully be pulling down the current to the light. if you have a WR450 then we need more information.

It's a 2010 model. And the battery should be new the bike isnt that old, and I'm not sure of what type of battery it is, , I washed the bike before hand, thinking that could be a contributing factor

Is the bike running when you check it? If not, give that a try.

Nevermind, I just saw you're in Australia.

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