UH-OH!!!! Ignition coil on YZ 450

WR's start best with a good battery. Check the voltage and charge it.

You are confusing the issue here a bit. If the RS stator is a high powered replica of the WR, or a replacement for the WR, then the bike should be wired like a WR, except as instructed by RS. But you say that you wired it according to the advice given for the Baja Designs kit.

The ricky stator is a one sided coil so basically like the baja designs modded stator.

The original one that I tested was a stock one unmodified.

Then I bought the RS one and from ricky it comes with only one output off of the lighting coil. I wired it to the regulator according to their specifications (basically like the diagram we talked about)

I'll see if I can't find a trickle charger tonight and see if I get something with it tomorrow.

Ok I just wasn't kicking it over fast enough to be able to see it spark by myself. My roommate climbed on it and I was holding the Ign coil next to a bolt and it's getting spark so I'm trying to decide where to go next I just lifted up my valve cover and the timing looks to be dead on. I pulled my subframe off and looking through the carb it's unobstructed up to the valve. Can't tell if the valve it moving but the cam is moving on top so it should be I haven't turned it over with incorrect timing to cause valve problems. I'm guessing it just needs the extra power in the battery to allow it to start.

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Ok so it's been a while but after all of my problems I decided to get a completely unmodified wiring harness and start over... It showed up today and as I was starting to install it I noticed something particular. On the ricky stator that I bought the trigger coil wires are swapped compared to the bikes wiring harness, and my old stator. Could this be why I wasn't getting it to start? It had spark but because the white and red wire on the stator's plug in are flopped so when it plug's into the WR harness it is hooked red to white and white to red.

Should I switch the wire location in the plug in so they match up?

The stator is directly from ricky stator unmodified.

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