YZ or CR front break line

I had asked this question before but did not seam to get all the answers needed so I thought I would start a new thread with just me remaining questions so here it goes. In order to do the re routing of the front break line CR stile must you use a CR break line as it is shorter or use a YZ line. What are some good aftermarket manufacturers of braided lines for this application? Thanks

Fastline, for the cables

DSP for the cable guide

Braking,GYTR-Yamaha,EBC for the larger Rotor

(if you want to really improve braking)

Thanks for the help, but do you know if I should use a CR line or YZ. I am thinking CR but just want to be sure as ordering and having to return stuff like this here up in Canada can some times be a bit of a pain. Would you hapen to know the URL for Fastline?

Fastline makes a brake line that is a CR style but is made for the YZ. Make sense? Just go in and tell them you want a YZ Fastline brake line. These are shorter than the stock YZ brake line.


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