Gas and oil??

Have a 11 yz450f and was wondering what some people are thinking about the fuel in the oil situation with the efi's. Read a lot of threads and never really found a solution... Nor do I think it is a problem just curious and wondering what some have done or if they have done anything.. Thanks

gas comes in thorugh efi like carburetor upon further investigation it comes in to the cylinder head where it goes to the piston eith er piston isnt sealing or you got a bad head which is nearly impossible maybe you need a new piston after every 20 hours ofcourse you can just change the oil and ride it like you stole it till it eventually get gorilla fixed but then you will want to change the piston anyway ( the Italian way) the real way

i think it has f.a. to do with the ring sealing. because carb bikes never had this issue with fuel in oil and they shared the same piston/ring design.

gas will leak through your rings only if you got too much gas in the cylinder/running rich or its not burning correctly right?

its not the same design it has been mutated and gas should not leak through the rings like it should be imposible to notice and how much gas is in the oil because if you ride hard enough the gas will separate from the oil and evaporate and there willl be no more gas for you to find after a big race

The bike only has 8 hours on it and I'm thinking there isn't much gas getting in there because it doesn't look like the oil is being thinned by the gas at all, just smells like gas.

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