Good News if you live in Washington

On Monday April 18th the Governor signed and made official that as of 01/01/2012 you will be able to convert "off-road" motorcycles to street legal use in Washignton State. When I bought my YZ400 it was plated in idaho, when I went to transfer the title into my name here in WA they took my plate and told me based off the VIN I could not get the bike street legal. State Patrol stopped doing inspections several years ago and within the last year KTM was involved in revoking thousands of titled and licensed bikes in the State. Because of KTM Washington State DOL starting doing "back" VIN searches and revoked thousands of bikes that had been converted to dual use but had ORV (Off-Road Only) Vin numbers... You may have been one of these unlucky persons.

Well this is GREAT news for anyone who wants to convert their YZ/WR to dual use in Washington State. Just be patient, and you can start ordering your parts to convert now and license at the begining of the year.

The Bill SB-5800 can be found in full at the link below. I've been tracking this since my plates were pulled and it was a landslide victory. When I called the Olympia (DOL headquarters) to inquire they were NOT at all happy about it the bill Passing... TOUGH!!! The people spoke and our voices were heard! I would like to thank all those who supported the Bill, called or wrote State Reps and senators and lobbied for the change.

SB-5800 2011-2012

Authorizing the use of modified off-road motorcycles on public roads.


Someone beat you to this topic already. :thumbsup:

It definately is great news!

Maybe I'm seeing things! It is late! I went back and tried to find the thread and couldn't find it! :thumbsup: I wonder if displacement will be a factor in whether it can be plated or not. For instance, my wife's TTR230.

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