New to the board, and looking at getting a WR450 couple of questions

First of all Hello to everyone. I am in Georgia (Atlanta area). I am considering getting a WR450F bike pretty soon. I will want to make it street legal. I want it to be dual sport. Although most of my riding will be offroad. I am pretty excited about getting this bike, hopefully sooner than later.

My questions are:

What is a good OTD price to expect on this bike?

Is the process difficult in Ga to make it street legal?

Are there alot of riders hear from Georgia?



I am in the Atlanta area as well...currently have an '04 WR450 on order. I don't believe that it is too difficult to get these bikes street legal in GA.


I'm in the Atlanta area (south side). I recently bought an '02 WR426 (holdover bike) after shopping for a 450 for several months. The reason I chose the 426 was that it was significantly cheaper ($2000) and I just didn't see paying that much more for an electric starter. If you're interested in taking that route I'm sure one of the local dealers could help you out. Also, the Roswell Dirt Riders club has a good website that might have some dual sport info on it. Good Luck.

mikemac61, I am on the southside of Atlanta too. What dealer did you get yours from? I would be interested in possibly getting an 02 also. I have seen the 03's as low as 5399 plus tax. I am not sure if I am ready to pay 5500 dollars for a dirtbike yet.

BTW, if I do get one we will have to ride together. Where do you ride?

I live in duluth and just bought a 01 WR426 for the same reason(price).I had looked at these bikes for about two months and finally found one in B'ham ALA. Do your homework and you will save some cash. Where have all the Ga. boys been ridin? :)

I am on the southside as well (Fayetteville). I found the Yamaha dealer in Griffin the most willing to bargin. When I was in there a few months ago, they had a new '02 WR426. They also had an '03 WR450 that they were willing to knock some money off of.

As far as riding, I ride with 5 or 6 other guys from Fayetteville...we have ridden Kentuck in Alabama and Durhamtown Plantation. There is supposed to be a place near Barnesville but we have not tried it out yet.


Told ya this was a cool site! :)

I would personally get an 04 450 which should be out soooooooon and would be worth the wait :D. I love my 450 and think it is by far the best bike I have ever owned :D:). If you get an 02 426 I think you will get frusterated at time with the starting ritual(ie buddys take off while you still tying to start your bike or you stall it on a hill) :D. If you get an 04 I do not think you will have to worry about the infamous woodruff key failure which I have not had the displeasure of experiencing.I had it repaired before my first ride on it and it has held up fine. I have only put 300 something miles since I got it cuz I ride with children.

Good luck, Smoke :D

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