WR450F subframe 2003 vs 2006

Hi Guys,

I have picked up a 2003 450 nice and cheap. I changed the C&S and noticed the subframe has been worn quite a bit by a slack chain. I found one off a 2006 bike on an auction site and was wondering if anyone knows what the differences are between the 03 and 06 subframe as the OEM part numbers differ 5TJ-21190-00 for the 03 vs 5TJ-21190-80 for the 06...

I am pretty sure this is just an upgraded part number due to a mod by the factory, and that the subframe should fit, but it'd be nice to know the differences in advance.

Thanks in advance.


PS I did the search on the chain wear and saw the various mods that can be made to the chain slider... but proper maintenance is the best way to go once I fix the problem

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