2002 WR426 lighting.

so looking around and talking with people i was told that my real only option to run a brake light(not running light), and blinkers are to run some sort of "total loss" system as the WR was never set up with a battery.

is there anyway to install some sort of mini 12v battery pack and have the WR stator trickle charge it?

or is my only option really the total loss system which id have to charge whenever i rode the bike?

thanks for any tips or ideas.

You can easily set the stator up to charge a battery. You need to "float the ground" on the stator and use a rectifier/regulator. We offer R/R and to float the ground. Give us a call if you need help.

This is really not much different than all of the XR650's and XR400's out there set up for dualsport. Your stator power run through a reg/rec to convert to dc and then to a nicad or nimh battery pack.

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