differance in plastics from 06 to 09???

im looking for a graphic kit for my 2009 wr450 and the only one i can find is on effex and it says for wr450 05-06. was wondering how different the plastics were and would it fit. I can't seem to find 09 graphic kits anywhere, think it'l fit?

the plastics did change. If they list them for a 05-06, then chances are it's for a steel framed bike, which has a completely different style of shroud. Yours should pretty much fully cover the fuel tank, where-as the 05-06 shrouds only protrude from the front of the tank extending over the radiators. So, unfortunately I don't believe they'll work for you.

they are quite a bit different. you looking for factory replacements, or something different?

No I'm not looking for a different shroud just wanted a nice sticker kit on the bike but its gonna be a hastle its not that big of a deal for me.. The blue still looks nice lol

thats what i meant. factory style graphics or something different? there are several choices for your bike that look nice and will work. including factory.

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