wr 450 master link

what kind of master link is on the 450's. I was going to take the master clip off to put on my other bike and there is none, it looks like it is riveted or presses on. So what is the trick to getting the master link out. Can you use it again or is it wrecked. :)

I actually ground mine off. It didn't appear there was anyway to reuse it to me.

It's the link with the gold looking pins. If you have the tools you can grind off the old pins, pop the link, and install new pins. The tools are expensive so everybody I know just grinds off the old one and installs the traditional three piece master.

WR450 did not have a master. You have to grind pins off. ` :)

There is a master it's the rivet kind.I don't think you can reuse it though. Go buy a new master at the local shop they are less than $5.

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