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sorry YZ500FM

could this be the new SuperThumper?????????????

sorry YZ500FM

could this be the new SuperThumper?????????????

sorry YZ500FM

could this be the new SuperThumper?????????????

Round: 4 - Belgium Everts scores third victory

Circuit: Genk

Date: 29 April 2001

Crowd: 25000

Temp: 15°C

Weather: Overcast

The Yamaha team celebrate another podium

Stefan Everts and the Yamaha YZ500FM continue to dominate the 500 class with three wins out of four GP’s. The 28 year old Belgian increased his lead in the world championship to a comfortable 23 points, keeping Joel Smets and his teammate Marnicq Bervoets at bay.

Stefan’s victory was extra sweet as he won in front of a 25,000 strong home crowd, many of which cheered him to the line. It was a good day for Bervoets as well. He joined the podium as a reward for a strong and determined ride through the pack, while being hampered by physical difficulties.

Aussie rookie Andrew McFarlane salvaged only one point for a gritty 15th place finish after hitting the dirt at turn one.

S. Everts – 1st / M. Bervoets – 3rd / A. McFarlane - 15th

Everts in command of the race, picture taken at Genk 29-04-01

Everts was confident of another good result even before practice started in his homeland: “The team have worked so hard and my Yamaha is now 100% suited for me. I am still working to overcome the physical handicaps I have after my two injury-torn years. I am very grateful that Yamaha showed such faith in me and stepped in to save my career. I know this track well and expected to have a good chance here."

Stefan started second to archrival Smets: “I tried to pass him on the first lap, but came up short and decided to concentrate on settling into a rhythm. He got as far as seven seconds clear, but once I settled down I was improving with every lap and started to nibble away at his lead."

By the time the race was half an hour old Everts was on the rear wheel of his rival: “I knew where I would pass him, but I never needed to use the move. Joel fell down as I started to put the pressure on. The only problem I had was that I was a little too close and, as I avoided him, I ended up riding into a pile of soft mud which had pushed to the side of the track by the bulldozers. It was a section of the course where I would be accelerating hard in 3rd gear, so I was lucky not to stall. I didn't panic, got it into first gear, and the low down grunt of the four-stroke pulled me out. I was never in any danger after that and controlled the race from then on.”

Bervoets pushes for a third, picture taken at Genk 29-04-01

Bervoets had a hectic ride to third: “We have discovered the reason for my problems with arm pump in the recent races. I had trapped nerves in the arm and neck. I didn't get the break at the start here. I got out of the gate pretty good, but everyone seemed to get locked up with each other in the first turn and I ended up stuck behind in the mess. I was down in about 20th place with my goggles full of sand, but I quickly got to sixth and then concentrated on not making any mistakes which could cost me my chance on a podium. I hope the arm pump will not hinder me anymore, it is time for me to win a couple of races now".

Andrew McFarlane did not have his day and was in trouble from the word go: “I don't know what happened. We just all bunched up, and I was the one who went down. By the time I was on my feet again and had straightened the controls, the rest were long gone. But I am not paid to quit, so I persevered and eventually got back to 15th. At least I got something for the effort”




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