Power outages? What is up?

Just heard that there are massive power outages, from Detroit to DC.

I thought all power was "looped" in that in comes not from one source, kinda like our water systems.

Hope this is short and over soon.

:) :busted:The News says that it was lighting that hit one of the Niagra generators and caused an overload. Chain reaction and shut down the grid. Power surge-safety gates close-No Power. :D:D

You Americans need to pay your Electricity Bills !!!

And they actually have electricity in Africa :D:).

Think of it like 6 guys holding up a log.

The first guy trips ,you hope the 5 other guys

can hold it up. I think the first guy tripped ,tripping the next guy and so on.

I was on shift at Seabrook Station when the problem occurred.



The steam driven, electric turbines are spinning to maintain electrical grid frequency of 60 HZ +/-. When the problem occurred, the turbines are now spinning faster due to the reduction in required power. At Seabrook Station, we had a "Turbine Runback".

The Reactor's Control Rods started driving in to reduce Reactor Power due to the drop in load on the grid. Some plants that were closer to the source did not have time to adjust. I heard 21 plants went down, 7 of which were nukes.

New England was pretty much OK (I heard there were problems in VT...???) and isolated itself to survive the hit.

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