Pegs for a 99 YZ400F

I completely smahed me left side peg yesterday going up a steep log brige that was wrapped with a chain link fence for traction. Unfortunetly there was a huge puddle at the bottom before the climb and my tire spun out from under me about half way up. When the bike fell the peg didn't fold and it smashed it in to nearly flat.

I found a guy with aftermarket pegs for a 2008 YZ250F. He said he'll sell them to me for dirt cheap if they will work. He lives an hour away so I'm just wondering if 2008 YZ250F pegs will fit on a YZ400 I cross reference a couple aftermarket brands like MSR and IMS and the part numbers seem to be the same.I just want to be as certain as possible before I spend MORE in GAS to go pick them up then what he's asking for them. :-)

They should fit Ok. The only problems I have come across is putting a 'steel frame' specific peg on an alloy frame, whereas all the alloy frame pegs go onto the steel frame.

Well I bought them, IMS Pro Series and I swooped on em for $10! Gotta love craigslist. They worked like a dream, fit perfectly on my 99 YZ400 and they came off an 08 YZ 250f.

Sweet, back in business.

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