screwed up big time today

I ride a 99 yz400f that i got used a couple years ago, and with the help of this forum I've got it running and working pretty good. I like the bike and it is my first big bike since I was a just a kid. Well I went riding with my son and a couple friends yesterday, and my buddy says ride my bike a minute, I think it's running a little rich on the bottom. So I hop on his 08 yz450f, and holy shit! what a huge difference in those two bikes! It is way easier to ride, much better brakes, feels way lighter, and better power everywhere. My wife is gonna kill me!:thumbsup:

Just don't ride one of the new fuel injected bikes, then you are done for.

Tell her you're making a "worthwhile investment". :thumbsup:

I can't get over how much easier it is to ride. I had to give it back after about fifteen minutes on it, and I didn't want to get back on mine.

...So I hop on his 08 yz450f, and holy shit! ...
Yup, that's how it happens, alright. :thumbsup:

The first 450 I ever rode was an 08 YZ450F........See my signature for the result.

same thing happend to me...see

even 09 are a big improvement over 08 and the 11 ar improved versions of the 10

even 09 are a big improvement over 08 and the 11 ar improved versions of the 10

White shrouds are an improvement?:thumbsup:

Yup, first 450 I rode, check my sig now.. lol

White shrouds are an improvement?:thumbsup:

Yea really, bikes are identical in terms of suspension, power and handeling. You get a slightly different clutch feel in the 11 compared to the ten, and a 200ml larger tank in the 11.

A 10, is an 11 and vice versa... We'll see what 12 has in store, but I'm guessing no changes, but who knows :thumbsup:

Before I hopped on my 2010 for the first time, I really wasn't to sure if I made the right choice coming off of a 05 yz250 two stroke. My previous bike was dialed in for jetting and the power was very nice, but I did alot of research and the 2010 was supposed to be a huge improvement across the board from the older 4 and current two stroke yz's.

I remember, even in stoke form, that I was very very impressed in the first 10 minutes, center of gravity was the same as my two stroke when everyone was saying that 4 strokes are top heavy. Power was amazing, top end had much more over-rev usuable power than my 250 and I was cruzing, suspension was a huge upgrade, it was everything I wanted getting a new bike.

Once I got the power commander and a slip on, it was another huge upgrade, power is even better with more mid-top power.

The newer YZ's are just amazing, glad I have my bike, no regrets here :cheers:

Thanks for this post..really :[ I had just "upgraded" from my old 89' yz250 to a 99' y400f, and I am as happy as a clam... and now I read this! I guess I will have to avoid my friend who just purchased an 11' 450! Ha seriuosly though I do like my new 12 year old bike, its light years better than the ol 250, and I am sure the newer 450's are light years better than the 400, but hey its only money :thumbsup:

I also just rode an 05 YZ250F and I am very impressed with the little rocket. Very surprized with the power and light feeling of it. I hate it when this kind of stuff happens. I was content with my bike and now I am thinking.:thumbsup:

get a left over 09 can get a brand new bike under 5000 otd

Personally, I'd love to own a 400, I have heard that the engine is really agressive up top, and it's the bike that started the whole 4 stroke evolution back in 97. Even though the OEM bike had almost nothing in common with the bike that doug henry took the championship with, IMO it would be a nice novelty to have and fully restore it.

You wouldn't feel so bad if you lived in California with the red vs green sticker issue. Any YZ's newer than 2002 would be limited to the track or certain riding areas during the winter months. That's why I stick with the trusty 426. Besides, for most of us it really doesn't make much of a difference.

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