Can I put WR transmission in my 09 YZ450F?

I blew my transmission in my 2009 YZ450F so im getting it rebuilt, but if I can I want to put in a WR transmission because I race desert so I want it to be a little faster, what are all the parts I would need to replace, and what are the parts I could keep. Do the shift forks and shift drumb need to be replaced or are they the same?

D38 rider, eh? Doing pretty well, too, by the looks of it. :thumbsup:

haha thankyou sorry I'm new at this thumper talk thing it took all I had just to figure out how to post a measage :thumbsup:

Cool. Just my way of ribbing the newbies. At least you didn't revive a 9 year old post. :thumbsup:

The forks and drum are the same, and so are all the rings, bearings, washers, etc. and the output shaft. The main shaft and the other nine gears are different. The thread contains a detailed parts list.

yeah, are you to? well I was doin alright untill I blew my tranny in the last team race hah at least I had a partner so we finished :thumbsup:

cool thankyou

yeah, are you too?
Yeah, but I'm a little too old for the Open Class. :thumbsup:

haha thats ok at least your still out their. its the older guys that motivate the yunger guys

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