FMF Power Programmer - anyone know how to use this?

Just picked up a used quad 08 kfx450r has fmf pipe and a power programmer on it. I would assume whoever put that on spent some time adjusting it. Didn't come with instructions and what I have read from peoples reports seems anything but straight forward. I actually bought 2 quads, the other is an 07 yfz450 with full ron woods exhaust and air intake and they said the timing was advanced and maybe some cam and head work? Anyway the yfz blows the pants off the kfx set up. The original owner was supposedly an older guy (same story you always get - one owner lady driven just to the store and back for groceries...) but thought maybe he had it tuned down? The kid I bought it from had it all winter and never even got to ride it as he crashed his truck and needed cash now kind of thing but he knows nothing about how it was set up. Any insite would be helpful.

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