lowering link

Anyone try any of the lowering links on the market? Even after setting my sag I cant touch the ground with both feet on my 2011 yz450f.

havent tried the lowering link but have heard good things from my buddy.

Enzo did the suspension on my 2010 but they shortened the shock internally with a lowering plate. Good stuff.

im running the Pro Circuit link, dropped the rear almost an inch, then slid the forks up a little...my 11 handles great, best suspension I've ever ridden hands down

Bought the ride eng one and I love it. Bike handles so much better.

Even a link that settles the rear an inch or even .25 inches does wonders. That extra little bit of leverage lets the rear end dig in vs skipping all over. If you're on the verge of needing a heavier spring with the stock setup a new link may require one step up on the kg/mm.

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