Arizona - Moto Grande/Judds Tomorrow Anyone?


A buddy and I are heading out to Moto Grande (formerly Judds) Saturday morning. Anybody interested in joining us? If you're interested and need directions, let me know.


Saw this too late, a few of us are heading to Sarival tomorrow, maybe next time!

F, you probably know this already. Air Sarival is having a race tomorrow. Not sure if you wanted to race or just practice. FYI, we are not going to be there tomorrow.

And I thought I stayed up late!! :D

The race at Sarival is tomorrow = Sunday.

Went this morning, track was very muddy till about 9 ( thankfully they have a hose to clean the bike off) then it got really good.

Excellent dirt, fun track but some of the jumps are too short, have to slow down alot to not overjump.

Best thing is the TREES! Lots of them all through the pits. :D: Leave oyur ez-up at home.

Bad news is that I pegged my foot in a turn and a few jumps later it moved in an unnatural direction. :):D :D

Sitting here with it swollen and sore, going to the doctor on Monday, sucks cuz we were going to Glen Helen and unless the doc can fix it in 1 week I won't be! :D

F, my post was 1:06AM yesterday (not AM), I am sound asleep that time in the morning brother.

Sorry to hear about your foot, let me know if you need a full race cane - you can borrow mine from my foot injury at Canyon. It's been 6 weeks now and it still isn't back to normal but at least it doesn't hurt unless I step on it weird. Ice it down now and then, wrap it with an ace bandage, and keep it elevated.

G-Man told me he's going to Glen Helen. He was telling me about this hill there, Mount St. Helen, that some guys on 125cc can even make it up. :) I told him to bring home the W for us Arizonan's!

Still want to get out to Air Sarival. I like the sound of the bike wash and the trees but I hear the jets in and out of Luke are somewhat annoying, at least on weekdays. Doubt the jet jockies do as much flying on the weekends.

Hope the foot feels better soon!

Correction: 1:06PM not 1:06AM...

In my slightly drug altered state I forgot to say it was my KNEE that moved! I hit my foot when the front wheel slipped a little and felt a sharp pain in the back of my knee.

Went and rested it for a few and it felt ok so I went out and on the second lap I jumped this small tabletop into a turn, had most of my weight on the right peg to turn a bit in the air and when I landed I felt my knee give out.

I imagine I'll be out for awhile.

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