Any deals on new 09 or 11 WR450's?

I'm starting to look for a new WR 450 to replace my trusty WR 426 and I know that there has to be some good deals out there. I have been watching for used ones but it seems like a new one could be had for just a few bucks more. I live in Fresno and the dealers around here seem to want top doller:bonk: I know its a buyers market and I'm ready to score a deal:thumbsup: I have know problem driving down to socal if need be. I would really like to find an 09' if possible since there were really no changes from 07+ but an 11' would work too. I did call a dealer in the San Diego area just for fun because they listed an 09' for a good price, but they said they were all gone:banghead: They did offer an 09' CRF 450X for about $6400.00 OTD (without any negotiating)but I know I can do better. I'm not opposed to the Honda either (for the right price) but I have been so happy with my Yamaha I would really like to stay blue:thumbsup:

So whats the deal? Can anyone recommend a dealer in CA? What can I reasonably expect to pay? I don't want to deal with any BS. Just go there, get the bike and leave. When I bought my 426 from my local dealer they tried to talk me into some warranty/maintanance plan for way too much $$$$ They said bring it in every week if I want and they would check the valves:lol:. I said nope and they thought I was crazy:bonk: I can do that myself. Well guess what, 9 years later the valves still have not been touched:ride: Yes, I have checked them.

Anyways, back on track. I'm in no hurry. My current bike is great but I feel like this may be a good opportunity to take advantage of some good deals. I'm sure a new WR 450 or 450X is around the corner but the current bikes are proven and will do every thing that I need. Heck, my 02' WR still does everything I need, but I am looking for e-start and the battery so that I can set it up for HIDs and power my GPS.

low $5's seams to be going price here for '09

low $5's seams to be going price here for '09

Thats what I was hoping to hear. I just need to find one her in Cali and try to sell my 03' KX 250:ride:

Pioneer Powersports in NY State has the 09 450 yz and wr for 5499

Pioneer Powersports in NY State has the 09 450 yz and wr for 5499

Is that out the door? I think that is a fair price but I need to find one in CA.

I see that OTD Cycle in Los Angeles is under new ownership and with a new name

They were the benchmark for the best no nonsense pricing in So. CA. They don't seem to carry Yamaha as a brand any longer -- too bad.

$1500 for bold new graphics :thumbsup:

Yes out the door. If you can't find one you may want to look at shipping to CA.

Saw a new 09 on the floor at Apex here in Colorado Springs the other day for $5,999

Thanks for the replies. I'm thinking I should be able to get a dealer down to $5,500 or 5,600? My local dealer has an '09 sitting on the floor for $7,200 :thumbsup: I mentioned that it is almost 3 model years old and asked if they were willing to do better. Well they never called me back so I will continue looking for a dealer that will work with me.

Cycle Trader shows several dealers with 09's so I would think these guys would be looking to unload them by I don't know. I'm not in a hurry so I will take my time and be patient. I'm in Central CA so there should be tons of dealers, especially in the LA area that would make the drive worthwhile.

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