Dr.D or TI Force sehaust???

These two systems are in my price range, any recomendations on either one? It is going on my 05 YZ450f. I am replacing the stock unit, previous owner cut the silencer down and I am just not sure if that is OK.


Dr. D has the Yamaha's figured out, I'd go with that for sure.

WTH is a "Ti Force"? Sounds Chinese.

WTH is a "Ti Force"? Sounds Chinese.

Exactly, That's why I asked... I guess if you don't know who the are they must not be any good. I never heard of them either. I looked at there web site and they have a lot of different applications, mostly sport bikes.


their buell pipes are badass.

buddy had one...very well made.

their buell pipes are badass.

buddy had one...very well made.

I can get the TI for $320 brand new shipped. The Dr.D $450 shipped...

check on ebay they are all in the 350 price range

I recently got in a crash at the local mx track during a practice afternoon, and munched up my Dr. D pipe (and a few other parts on the bike also..... :thumbsup: ). Smashed the header pipe most likely beyond repair, but the mid-pipe/silencer is likely repairable.

Found out that Dr. D has a pipe repair service for their pipes. It sounds like you can either get your pipe repaired (if it's salvageable), or get a slight break on the cost of replacing the parts. :thumbsup:

It's a nice option that I don't know if other pipe manufacturers do......

And like was said above here, Doug Dubach seems to know what makes Yamaha pipes work..... Mine was a good, quality unit, until I landed from a jump on that Kawi rider's bike..... :cheers:


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