2012 WR450 Questions

What do you think our chances are on getting a fuel injection version this summer, I certainly hope we do so I can get one and sell my 06, I love fuel injection and think it`s time to upgrade my wr, as long as I can still get a street kit on her legally, I love riding her on the roads to all my favorite riding spots....... What do you guys think

Well I hope so.

Yamaha will lose sales if they don't.

I still think the WR is an awesome bike, but it's time for an upgrade.

Surely not another year's wait!

Come on Yamaha!

People are screaming for it, like a spoilt kid wanting an icecream!


I'd be looking at the off-road satellite team bikes later in the summer to see if anything pops up.

Unless you need a light you can always buy a YZ and split the cases and toss in some different gears. I will probably do this if a new WR doesn't drop.

I hope not! I don't want EFI, not when I've got my carb working this well! The main reason I don't want EFI is you lose to much fuel capacity with the fuel pump sitting in the fuel tank. That, and I want my bikes to be easy to repair. Your results may vary! Maniac

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