Front Rotor Rubbing on Caliper

I have a 2006 YZ450F that I purchased new from the dealer. It was left over in the warehouse, so the price was right. Returning to the dealer now is not an option. Since purchased in Feb 2011, I put 6 hrs on it.

The front brake rotor is rubbing against the side of the caliper. The rotor is not bent as it is not rubbing at different points in the wheel rotation, its a constant rub.. When the bike is on the stand, I cannot get a complete revolution out of the wheel when trying to free spin it. I've never removed the front wheel, brakes, or adjusted the forks. My guess is that either the front spacers were mixed up at the factory, or the brake pads were installed incorrectly. The front wheel does seem to be a little offset towards the right which correlates with the rotor drag on the right side of the caliper. Any ideas guys??




Could be a couple of things.

If it's brand new and they had to prep it including puting on the wheels, they may have put the spacers on the wrong sides. I don't know on this particular bike, but on some bikes the front wheel spacers are a different thickness.

You could also loosen up the axle nut and the bottom fork bolts and see if it's not centered that way also.

Can't really tell from the pic.

good luck.

Try this: put on stand, loosen pinch bolts and axle. Set bike down on floor and push up/down on forks a few times. Snug axle. Raise bike. Spin wheel.

Does it still rub? If not properly torque all bolts down.

... they may have put the spacers on the wrong sides.

There isn't any question of it. The spacers are reversed. The "bell" spacer belongs on the brake side.

Thank you Guys.. (Gray Racer) - That Bell Spacer looks out of place to me as well..I will try reversing the spacers 1st, then proceed with the other advice as noted below.

Thank you again!

Yup, Gray beat me, the spacers are definitely backwards.

I will swap the bell spacer to the brake side.. can you tell me which way the bell should face? my shop manual isn't very clear on this.. Wide part of the bell facing outward as show in the pic? or wide part facing inward toward hub.. please advise? ..thanks

The fat part of the bell should be against the fork lug and the narrow end should fit in the dust seal in the hub.

Thank you Gentlemen. Problem is SOLVED~.

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