Need Parts For a 1972 Honda SL 100 Project!

This is part 2. I got an error message after I posted saying that I had too many pictures! :smirk:

Next was getting the rear hub ready for new spokes and rim. I took 2 MAN Toy's advice and sent the gold spoke niples off with the rest of the hardware for zinc plating. So in the meantime I sanded and polished up the rear hub and brake assembly. I followed that up with new sprocket bushings, pins, nuts, retainers, wheel bearings, and brake shoes.





While I wait for the chrome and zinc to get back I decided to dig into the carbeurator. Unfortunately it still had gas in it from the last time I rode it 15+ years ago. After soaking it overnight and it is ready to be re-assembled. The float had a hole in it and was full of fuel so I ordered a new float, needle and seat, and all of the gaskets. It should be ready to go when I get the parts.






Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the progress! There is lot's more to come. I have some major re-assembly to do as well as an engine rebuild. Stay tuned!

Glad you are back at it. Awesome job on polishing the hub. I used the same Berryman carb cleaner on my carb. For some reason after assembling the carb it would leak gas out the overflow. Turned out after much head scratching, I found the overflow tube had a hole in it. Did the carb cleaner cause that, who knows. Just FYI.

Keep up the good work, and the pix coming.

I'm still looking for a tortoise green left side cover on ebay. It may be wishfull thinking, but I'm sure a decent one will turn up. (Past experience will show that it will turn up after I get frustrated and settle for a different colored side cover)

Thanks for the tip on the overflow tube! I bet that threw you for a loop! I'll have to inspect mine closer before final assembly so I don't have that same thing happen. I would probably taken the carb apart several times thinking that the float level was adjusted wrong or the needle was leaking!

You'll have to just keep your eyes open for that side cover and hope that there isn't someone else in desperate need of a good one! I would let you have my old one for free but the only catch is that it has two of the mounting tabs broke off! If you were really handy at body work you could probably repair it and make it fit again.

Exactly, I took the carb apart 3 times looking for a stuck or misadjusted float. Turned out someone on another thread suggested checking the overflow tube for a hole. That's what it was. I had no soldering experience or soldering gun so I ordered one from a Honda shop that showed to have the discontinued part in stock. I didn't want one from Tiawan off ebay. I'm not experienced with body work but I may try to repair the broken corner tab on my side cover, at least until I can find decent replacement. I was following an emerald green side cover on ebay that just sold for 70.00 plus shipping. If you want to play you gotta pay.

Sorry for the lack of activity but believe it or not I have been making some progress. I finally have a rolling chassis again! Somehow I managed some time to get the rear wheel put together and assemble the chassis for the most part. Now that it's starting to look like a bike again I'm getting really motivated to get it finished for this summer. Unfortunately work is delaying my progress. I have to go to for China for 2 weeks so I won't be able to do any more work till April! :thumbsup:

The body shop is slowly making progress on the paint. They found a GM OEM paint color that is from a 2003' chevy car that matches the tortoise green perfectly so no need for a custom paint mix.

When I get home from China I think the next task is going to be re-building the engine and getting that back between the frame rails. It's going to get a new piston, valve job, new clutch, and gaskets and seals. I think I'm going to powder coat the side covers grey so that I don't have to mess around with any more polishing.

Here is what I have so far:



The little SL is looking good. Keep up the good work. Pictures, more pictures, please. :thumbsup:

Holy cow that looking super sweet petey383

Holy cow that looking super sweet petey383

Thanks! It's taking a little longer than I thought but it should be worth it in the end. I just have to keep taking my time and doing a good job. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I will make some progress on the motor. Stay tuned! More pictures to come.

Hey guys,

Just a quick update for you. I dug into the motor yesterday and have parts on the way! Valves looked decent, cylinder looked good, but the piston had the oil ring and the middle compression ring stuck and some scuffs on the skirt.

I basically ordered everything I need to freshen it up such as all the gaskets, seals, new standard piston and rings, new clutch fibers and plates, new oil pump, cam chain guides, points and condenser, and a bunch of other miscellaneous parts. I'm sending the jug, head, and the side covers to my buddy for blasting and powder coat. I plan on doing them the same silver that the side covers had on them originally. I'm going to just clean up the center cases and leave them natural aluminum. Once I get that back I'm going to give the jug a quick hone job and lap in the valves and put everything back together.

I'll try to post some pics when I get a chance.

Quick Photo Update:

Well, I got some time to finally update this thread. I've been busy working on the SL lately. Got most of the parts to finish up the engine and have a real good start on it. Decided to gut the engine. After I tore into it there was quite a bit of sludge but the insides were in very good shape. I'm not sure how many miles were on this bike but it must be low. The clutch basket had hardly any wear, but the clutch steels were rusted badly and stuck to the disks. I tore each transmission shaft down and inspected the gears one by one and cleaned them all up, soaked them in oil and reassembled the engine. Installed a new clutch fibers and steels, new oil pump, new standard piston and rings. As soon as I get the cylinder back the valves are getting lapped in and new guide seals, new timing chain and guides. It should be pretty nice when it's done.








Wow, keep up the good work. :banghead:

I think my little SLI00 is going to need a top end job. The speedo shows 12000 miles and I can only get about 60 lbs. of compression. It tops out about 40 to 45mph with my big b*tt on it. You didn't happen to do a step by step video on the engine tear down did ya? :thumbsup:

Thanks for the compliments! As for the engine tear down unfortunately no. Unfortunately I get pretty wound up when I'm going on these things and don't often take enough time to take pictures. This little engine was about the easiest one I have ever done though. If you just need to do the top end it should go pretty easily. Splitting the case was a little tricky though untill I got the dowel pins to let go.

I got a nice factory Honda service manual for the specs but other than that it's pretty easy and straight forward. I am keeping the stock bore with a hone job and touched up the stock valves and seats. I'm putting in new guides and valve springs though. One other Item to look at is the rocker shafts. I had one that was galded pretty good and required replacement.

This bike is ending up being an over-the-top frame up restoration. This weekend I got the bars mounted, new handlebar switches, levers, and all new cables. I got two new cables and two NOS cables. Two were black and two were different gray's. I ended up masking them off and using some Dupli-Color Vinyl paint and painting all of the cables gray to match. It turned out pretty well. I will have some more pictures to come.

All of the body work is supposed to be done this week and I should have the parts to put the top end of the motor together! Stay tuned! It will be on the road by the end of May!!!!!!

Photo Update:

Powder coated side cover installed


Cylinder and Cylinder head. Honed the cylinder with stock bore size and very little wear for the new piston and rings. Blasted everything and painted with high temp aluminum engine paint. Cylinder head got the stock valves touched up with a light valve job. Installed new guides and valve stem seals. Something worth mentioning was that the stock guides were loose in the head so I replaced them with new ones. The new ones fit great and had to be driven in but them come undersized. It is a little tricky finding someone who has the right size reamer to size the new guides!



New Spark Advancer. The old one's springs and weights were worn so that the cam would rotate without any spring pressure throwing the timing off. Also have new cam chain and cam chain guides. The advancer and one of the cam chain guides were discontinued so that was a challenge to find. Got one off e-bay and the other one NOS dealer inventory after doing a search.


Before a little sanding and polishing




Here are some of the spare parts. Replaced the valve springs and rocker arm shafts due to some wear.


Progress on the chassis, cables, wiring, and bodywork:

Well I had an interesting problem with the cables. I could order the throttle and clutch cable brand new in black, along with the front brake light switch. I got a front brake cable and speedo cable NOS that were both discolored. So I bought some Duplicolor Vinyl paint and masked all of the cables off and painted them the factory gray color so they all matched.



The re-chromed and straightened bars got brand new switches. Here the harness is being routed through the bars.


Here I got the bars mounted. I installed new levers and bolts and polished the old perches. The clutch and brake adjusters are stock ones that got re-Zinc plated. I also installed a new throttle tube and new grips. For some reason you can't get the left grip anymore so I ordered two right hand grips. Since the right grip is bigger I glued it to the old throttle tube and cut the end off the tube. Then I glued the throttle tube and new grip to the bars with 3M black weather-strip adhesive. So far it seems to be holding OK.



Got some of the bodywork back finally!!! We peeled the decals off the tank to get to some color that wasn't faded and went through tons of color swatches. Ended up using a color that is from a 2003 chevy car so no special paint mixes. It matched the old Tortoise Green Metallic pretty damn close. It's hard to see in the pictures but it has some good metallic in it and it really pops in the sun!

Now for the bad. I ordered new reproduction decals from some place in Canada off E-bay. Last Thursday I get a call from the body shop saying that they F-ed up the tank decals putting them on. Soooo I had to order another set and that's what I'm waiting on right now to get the tank and side covers back. Once they get them installed they are going to clear over them to make them more durable and look cleaner.



Re-chromed tail-light installed with a new lens, gasket, and bulb, along with new rubber mounts. Also scored new rubber mounts for the rear fender.


Installed the exhaust just so see how it was going to look!


Here is some more of installing the engine and doing some wiring:

Installed NOS complete wiring harness, NOS headlight bulb assembly, and the original headlight ring all rechromed.




Scored a brand new NOS key switch and lock set from Honda!!!!


New condensor but stock coil with a new plug cap on it.


New chain and sprockets.


Original chain gaurd rechromed




SL is looking good. Can't wait to see it finished :cry:

males me wana start working on mine.

Thanks for the compliments guys! Hang in there! There is a lot more to come. I have been having issues getting the Tank and side covers done. All I'm going to say is that the body shop had 4 months to get it done and they waited till the last minute to do the work and it took 3 sets of decals to get it right which caused quite a delay!!!!!! :cry:

Right now the bike is running and all I'm waiting for is to get the tank back. Should be today! I will do a wrap-up post hopefully soon. I may try to borrow a Go Pro and do a ride video too! Stay tuned.

Sorry to leave you guys hanging but if it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all. I finally got the F-ing tank back. Got it installed and filled with gas to find I had a leak! :devil: !!!!!!! Before I took the tank to the body shop I used POR 15 tank sealer on the inside because of all the positive reviews that I found. My tank was rusty and had a few small pin holes on the bottom side so I assumed the sealer would take care of it. After I sealed it I tested the tank and off to the body shop it went.

I'm not sure if the sealer failed or it was because the body shop sand blasted the tank and blew through it but I had a good leak. After doing a bunch of research I discovered that POR 15 tank sealer is a one shot deal and that supposedly you can't apply a second coat or put another product over it and it is damn near impossible to remove (Especially with new paint)!

In the process I researched for hours on the internet and called and talked to POR, Red Kote, and Caswell's and none of them could give me a straight answer on whether or not I could coat over the POR. So I decided to fix the severe leak externally and see what happens because it was on the inside of the tank where it couldn't be seen. So I removed a small portion of the paint and applied some "Seal All" sealer that I got from O'riely's.

Once it dried I re-installed the tank and filed it up. No major leaks so I put the seat on and took it for a ride. After a ride I let it sit and came back later to re-check for leaks. I noticed that the bottom seam was a little damp with gas but nothing was dripping. This was in a different spot than the repair. So I let it sit for a couple hours and came back to discover that a drip was starting to form. Not wanting to ruin my new paint I dumped the gas again. I removed the tank and filled it with water to try to find the leak. It was such a small leak that I couldn't locate it well enough to attempt another repair.

After a long debate I ordered a Caswell's tank sealer kit. This kit is a 2 part epoxy like sealer that is supposed to go on thick and dry hard. I was taking a gamble on this because they didn't know if it would work going over POR. They claim that it fixes failed Kreem and POR sealer but what they don't tell you is that you have to remove the old sealer first which wasn't an option for me.

To prep the tank I washed it out with soap and water. Then I filled it with drywall screws and wrapped it up in a comforter and put it in the dryer for an hour. The purpose of this was to rough up the POR to give the Caswell's something to bite into when I applied it. After that I washed it out again and let it dry. Last night I applied the Caswell's coating to the tank. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this will do the trick. If not the only thing left to do is start over.

I'll keep you posted with what I find. Hopefully this will be it and I will post some final pictures and maybe a video of the project completion!

So far the tank sealer has worked and I am officailly done! :devil: Some day when I get some time I will update with some new pictures and video of the finished product!

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