What is Dangerously Low Oil?

Bike is ripping thru oil. Am going to order new piston and ring. Until then I want to ride but not push it to far. At what point does lack of oil start doing damage?

If you want to do the least amount of damage, i would not ride it until i fix the problem, but that's just me

It's impossible to tell when it's getting to low unless you physically check the level. I agree with yamiryder and I would not ride it until you fix the problem.

While your in there, get yourself some new valve seals, really easy to replace.

To give you a more exact answer, your bike has a dry sump lube system, and will deliver oil reliably as long as there is a continuous supply of oil to draw from the feed reservoir in front of the engine. That depends on oil being returned reliably, and it's my estimation that the system should be fairly dependable down to the point that there is roughly 350cc remaining. Below that, disruptions in the return oil flow because of the bike bouncing around could lead to feed disruptions.

You also need to consider the fact that the less oil that there is, the more each ounce takes a beating, and that the oil will run hotter sooner.

So, there is some wisdom in the advice to let it sit until fixed, but if you decide to ignore that, add oil often. Try to figure out your hourly use rate, and add the missing oil back every hour, or even less.

Thanks Gray. :thumbsup: I go thru about 140ml per 1.8 gallon ride. I am ordering new piston and rings today. Will get valve seals & timing chain while I'm at it. This will be the first time I'v pulled this particular bike apart. Athena big bore 478. Big bore was put in originally due to timing chain skip that caused valve piston damage. So newer valves should be ok & newer cylinder walls should be ok? It is snowing this weekend so it looks like no riding anyway.

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