i think i know why the power now doesnt work well on some wr450's

with the stock wr airbox with the snorkel in or out the power now will not give noticable power gains because the opening is very small... so on the intake stroke the airbeing sucked in travels at a consistent volume being that the opening in the airbox is relatively the same size as the opening in the airboot so if a power now was to be installed with that being the situation there would be no need for it because the air flow is fairly consistent... but on modified airboxes that allow more air through the opening is much larger than the opening in the airboot causing turbulence in air or an unconsistent flow of air hence the need for the power now mod... i was just thinking it through and thought this is the only reason this would happen does it sound right ? :)

I'm one of those guys that installed the PowerNow and didn't notice much of a difference (if any) in performance. However, the only mod I have done to the airbox is to remove the snorkel and cut out the hand hold in the left number plate.

I'm still not sure if I want to chop the airbox all up.

Chop it up and open it up! The stock air flow is pathetic. Not to mention when you put the seat on it practically covers the intake opening. What was Yamaha thinking?

they werent :D:)

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