More thieves!

Got to ride home last night (about 20 miles) on my Harley without a helmet. Seems some meth snortin', pole smokin, honda rebel ridin', wannabe biker decided he needed a helmet that had that "authentic" look to go with his "pre-stressed" jeans (read-goodwill). So, he stole my ratty old stinking paint scraped off it kicked around $40 beanie helmet right off my bike. My buddy and I ride some pretty nice looking bikes, mostly custom, and I put my helmet on the ground under the front of the frame, with my leather gloves in it. Jerk didn't even take the gloves.

Oh, please let me see that helmet somewhere... You know, I never went to a biker bar just to walk around out front and look at everyone's helmet before! I'll just pretend I'm oggling all the bikes, yeah, that's it!

God, I hate *&^#ing thieves. If you are one, please go shoot yourself and do the world a favor!


Sorry to hear you got ripped. It hasnt happened to me in a while and I know my days are numbered.

Want to feel better?

PM me your e-mail. I got something to show you that will make you feel a lot better! :)

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