Help please:)

Hey guys I have a few questions with this 08 yz450,im new to yamaha's and was going over it yesterday and found that the nut/washer on my shock linkage bolt is missing or fell off, anyone know what size it is so i can go to the hardware store to replace it? and what torque specs? and it leaks a little oil and I think its coming from the drain plug.. do you guys use the crush washer or is there a better one? fiber washer etc..needs an oil change BAD! With my hondas ive always just used rotella 15w40/k&n paper filter(changed every couple rides) and engine ice in the rad..any of you run that in your yz's with good experience? Really like this bike and any help yall can give me would be appreciated, thanks

Read through the Common Threads Sticky for answers to a lot of your questions. The oil and oil change situation is different because the YZ is a dry sump and uses the engine oil to lube the trans. The crush washer on either of the two drain plugs is fine as is, and should last a long time without leaking unless the PO damaged it or cross threaded the plug.

As to the missing nut, you didn't specify. Which of these is it?:

Or is it the nut on the shock itself? (that one is an M10x1.0 lock nut with a washer behind it)


if im reading the microfiche correct it is nut 33, I just got back from home depot and bought a 10mm metric nut and washer and it went on fine for now but still isnt as good as using the factory oem correct hardware to me.. but i guess it'll work, is there a certain tq that it needs to be? And about the oil, is running Rotella in these yamaha's okay since everything shares the same oil? or should I be using amsoil or yamalube

I did a search and couldnt find much regarding my questions, the crush washer is damaged and home depot does not carry them so i bought a neuprene sealable washer and a fiber washer to try and hopefiully stop the oil dripping..

I bet you are talking about the bolt that holds the shock assembly to the tri-linkage on the bottom correct? That bolt does not have a washer. Do NOT use a washer on it!

Yes! it is 24... looks like its just a dust seal and 10mm self locking nut is all i'm missing.. ya'll think I'll be allright for now just using the nut i have and tightening it down to spec? untill i order the seal and locknut

The OEM nut is a self locking nut. You would be fine without the dust seal for a bit. Did you get a nylon locking nut or just a standard nut? Where in TX are you?

Just a standard nut, probably going to use a little thread lock just for some extra insurance lol.. and i'm in keller (fort worth). you? and do you know where i can find the torque specs till my manual gets here?.. appreciate the help

Nevermind, found it..38ft lbs

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