Anyone use a revlock or z lock on BRP's

If so how are they, do they help on tecnical sections Im looking at the z lock when I find my new BRP because of price

don't know. nobody i know with a 650 uses one. they are so luggable you can zero a section in 3rd gear and never worry about stalling. if the revloc or z lock made the 650 50lbs lighter...i'd consider it. otherwise stalling has never been an issue.

imho, i'd use the money on dialing in the suspension, moving the bars forward, or a ims desert tank.

not to say if one fell out of the sky and landed on me i wouldn't use it. i do have this bad habit of overcooking my clutch by the end of the ride... :)

I rode with a couple of Canucks, and they both had auto-clutches on their CRF 450's, with a hand-mounted rear brake on the left side of the bars, and it really looked like the ticket.

My WR does not stall that much, but other than the costs, I am not sure what the downsides are...

i'd have one if i was riding a crf or a yzf...yah like i'm gonna ride a yamaha.

so the thumb/handlebar rear brake lever is starting to show up eh? those guys must of have been dirt trackers or super moto dudes. i saw one at laguna seca on a crf and it looked pretty cool. not sure if it would be the ticket for off road. but i imagine it would come in handy on really steep rocky decents...

I've got a z-Start on my BRP and it truly is an awesome combo :)

It's the best new product I've purchased in a very long time for a motorcycle and I'll never be without one again, especially on a bike with lots of torqe like the BRP.

I looked at the Revloc, the EFM and decided on the z-Start for several reasons and I'm really pleased with it. I like the design of this product, the quality of the machine work, the performance, the simple install, the user tunability, the customer service from Al at Rekluse, etc. The only downside to these products is that I can no longer bump start my bike, but the beneifts outweigh that issue to me. I still have a functional clutch lever, so nothing is lost there.

Not only does my bike not stall no matter how slow I'm going in the technical sections or how hard I brake, the z-Start also also locks up the clutch quicker and up to ~70% harder than the stock clutch so you get those benefit as well.

It's completely tunable for your needs and I can simply adjust my z-Start at the clutch perch. The guys with CRF's will likely setup their autoclutches with higher stall speeds, but I've got mine setup to lock up quicker and harder which is great for trail riding. I heard where some guys from a magazine reviewing the z-Start on a XR650R first used too many Ti Balls and it locked up so quick and hard that they looped the bike right off the bat :D

I've had mine for a few months now and it has performed flawlessly for my needs. It didn't take too long to get used to riding with the z-Start, but it sure made me aware of how much I've been using the clutch lever because now I had to think about not using it as much. I tend to stay in a higher gear longer than before and I don't shift nearly as often as a result of that. Technical sections are definitely easier with the z-Start and the whole riding experience is more enjoyable to me. A while back I was racing some of my friends through a twisty rocky sand wash that had some sweeping berms built up. Sometimes there were braking bumps before hand and some of the berms had some ugly surprises part way through or at the exits. I simply kept my bike in 3rd while pinned on the straights, then braked super hard into the berms and went back to WOT through the berms, all without any clutch lever work or shifting because the z-Start did it all so perectly for me. On some of the berms where there were a few surprises or when I was banging bars with my friends, I had to jam hard on the brakes here and there. With the z-Start I simply throttled my way out of trouble now matter how slow I was going or how hard I jammed on the brakes and I did it all without any shifting or clutch work since it was doing it superbly for me.

It's something you just got to try for yourself and chances are if you ride for recreation, then you'll simply love it. It's also great if you're dual sporting your bike and want to run taller gearing for lower RPM on the highway cause you'll also get back the ability to ride the super tight stuff again just as if you had lower gearing.

The z-Start comes with a 30 day money back guarantee unlike most every other product you buy, so how can you loose by not trying it? The XR650R version isn't listed on the Rekluse web site, but its been available for a few months now :D

You sold me Now I just need to buy the BRP Im looking not too many in Colorado right now


Go over to Sun Honda on 88th and Washington, they usually have one or two new ones on the floor, and several fresh in the crate. I bought my '01 in April of '02 and was told they had a dozen more leftovers at the time.

does anyone have the web address for rekcluse or do they distribute to local dealers?

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