Triple Clamps for '03 W

IS anyone using aftermarket clamps. If so what type, where did you get them, how much $, do you like them. I wanna get my CR high bends with new triple clamps. I went with the applied triple clamps with pro-taper cr high becnds on my xr650r. Not sure what else is out there for our W. Thanks, D :)

Tag Matrix Full Tripple Tree with Henry Bend Bars. ~$450.00 for everything. I love the rubber mounts in the clamp, and I swear by Pro-Taper Bars.

BRP upper triple clamp made for Scotts. Pro Taper bars with rubber mounts. :)

I've got BRP clamps, pro taper fat bars, & the GPR stabilizer in blue and it looks and performs great! See attached link - mine looks the same.


See my sign below, but the Scotts/BRP is the best setup I found... The rubber mounts are a must, and steering stab is a personal pref. but I went with the Scotts and am very happy...I also went with the woods bend because I ride in tight NE type terrain.. Now I just need to get my bike together so I can ride again :)

RG3 4 post tripple clamp & pro taper cr hi bend.

I love this setup, the rubber mounts are great and being a 4 post mount resist twisting on ground impact.

RG3's compliment the pro tapers in that they give the best arm pump protection along with the resistance to twisting.

That's my opinion anyway!

And they look cool. :)

I just ordered the RG3 Upper tripple clamp. I should have it by Wed. I picked up the YZ one instead so I can mount a yz front number plate better than the WR ones mount up a yz plate, I have been battling with that for a while. I removed all the off road lighting and put a YZ rear fender on. I think that the RG3 mount is going to make arm pump completely go away. Plus it will mount the bars further forward. I have a few sets of pro tapers to try out. Cr Mid, Doug henry and Cr High. It's a must to get the suspension done, I had Moto Pro Suspension in Washington handle it. The WR will also pull 3rd gear starts! :)

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