2003 yz450f NEED HELP

hey guys, ive got a friend with a 2003 yz450f and after laying it down yesterday, he went to start it and the kick starter shaft broke! ive never heard anything like this happening before. to add insult to injury, i cant find the shaft for sale anywhere however there is one on ebay for a 2008 yz450f. will this one fit????? any tips would be greatly appreciated! thanks

splines may be different, they are for the WR's

The '08 won't fit. The starter assembly was upgraded in early '04, and you will be far better off to replace the unit with a new part from Yamaha, or a used assembly from an '04-'05 YZ450 or an '04-'06 WR450. You may also need a new lever, or the lever base, for the reasons MD mentioned.

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