Chain question

Does anyone have a recommendation for a chain? I have a 06 KX450F that I just took the old chain off of. Just got the bike and it had a DID 520ERT2 on it. Pretty stretched but looks like it wore fairly well. O ring, non o ring, brand, etc. ? Any help would be appreciated, thanks

I run nothing but an o-ring or x-ring. I tried standard chains and I'm constantly tightening. Got a o-ring on my 2011 and haven't tightened it yet after a dozen rides.

I get good results with basic o-ring chains from RK, EK or Regina. Just very light oil on them to lube the rollers and reduce rust.

Of all dirt bike parts, mostly I hate buying chains. I care for my chains but it's a hassle too. My goals are simple: I want the chain to be cost effective, low maintenance, and not to make a mess of my bike.

Maybe I would have more joy with non-o-ring chains, and replace them more often. But I often ride in damp gritty conditions, and I must pressure wash, so I fear losing pin lube and having to adjust chain slack often, and also having to buy expensive chain lube or else put something on which flicks all over the place.

One thing for sure, if you ride often of damp/wet conditions, then I say don't waste money on an expensive chain.

O-ring or X-ring. End of discussion.

Thanks. Any particular brand or series. I'm looking for something good yet reasonably priced, if there is such a thing!

Regina ORN-6 is what I run. It's gold in color, and will outlast your aluminum sprockets.

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